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Dear Members and friends,

1 ° North and South Kivu, DR Congo

  • Supported by Vivere since October 2015 the Tulizeni Center in Goma wehosts, hosts and cares for 89 abandoned or unaccompanied children, providing schooling for those who are of school-age. A new born and two other toddlers with no family have just been collected, all three in a state of health so weak that it was necessary to immediately hospitalize them. The equivalent of CHF 900 has already been spent on medical expenses while their care must be continued and Vivere’s financial support for this year has already largely been spent. We thank those who could help to undertake the treatments still necessary.

Photo : Babies Simon, Jean-Jacques and Nicole

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  • Daily abuses in North Kivu: please see attached the report of one of our correspondents on the spot, the association CIDDHOPE, for the months of November and December 2017. Every week Vivere receives one or often several similar alerts from reliable sources in the various territories that compose the Kivus.
  • More than six million deaths in prevailing impunity


This is the result of the war that has ravaged eastern
Democratic Republic of Congo for 20 years. Who bears the responsibility?
This is the question that the Swiss filmmaker Milo Rau sought to answer,
staging a fictional court that has the merit of breaking with the culture of
silence. Watch this documentary about the court of an exceptional

The information here above shows the evidence that movements like ours must continue their best efforts to help the hard-hit civilian populations. That is why, since 2004, Vivere has been working continuously in Eastern Congo on medico-social assistance to victims of abuses as well as on the fight against impunity with our itinerant courts.

2 ° Syria

The Syrian Vivere team shares with you the following narration:

The war in our region of Syria, is only generating dramas and tragedies! …

And, the greatest dramas, it is to see the poor innocent babies who pay the biggest price …

This is the case of the little Rkia …

Rkia, a child of 1 year and a half, is the second child of a simple and poor family.

The father, a small worker, finds himself obliged to guard a barricade, with his friends, to defend their neighbourhood …

And one day early in the morning a car bomb passes and explodes, with suicidal persons, and the father dies, with his 3 friends …

His wife, being pregnant, gives birth to little Rkia …

Rkia, the fruit of pain and sadness, and all the sorrows of her mother, is born with cancer and malnutrition, without a dad, with a poor widowed mom and responsible for caring for her two children, in a very difficult situation …

The little Rkia is being cared for her cancer …

And for her malnutrition Vivere has been a great support to assure her the milk …

Our poor innocent and deprived children are waiting a lot from many big and generous hearts to live, with dignity .. source FIDH

3 ° Pakistan

Together with his parents, elder brother and younger sister, fourteen-year-old Ahmed T. (fictive name) is arrested by the police, the whole family being accused of raping a girl but denying being involved. During the police custody in Saidpur, on November 29, Ahmed was killed by four bullets in the chest by a police officer in charge of his surveillance. His brother, Tufiq T. (fictive name), also a minor in age, faces the death penalty. Vivere is helping a brave local lawyer to both defend Tufiq and demand that the truth about Ahmed’s murder be proven so that the law enforcement official (s) responsible can be brought to justice.

This commitment is an extension of our fight for the abolition of the death penalty and the imprisonment of children, both in Pakistan and in other countries concerned. Although the costs of legal action are relatively modest in the sub-continent compared to those applied in Europe, we are struggling to raise the necessary funds to defend the lives of these young people. The whole procedure for a case, first instance and then court of appeal, can cost approximately from CHF 600 to 2’000 (€ 510 to 1’700) depending on the complexity of the case. We allow ourselves to appeal to the solidarity of those who will read this note.

4 ° ‘Modern’ slavery

The editorial staff of the magazine SEPT.INFO invite Vivere as co-speaker at the conference on this theme, on 7th February 2018 at 6 pm in Vevey, address here below. Welcome to all those who can attend.

Thank you for your attention and best regards,

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