No to capital punishment and life imprisonment for minors
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Vivere is a voluntary movement, dedicated to fighting for human rights, in particular and most fundamentally, that of life itself.

Vivere supports the men and women who stand up to those responsible for oppression and discrimination. These men and women are locally organised and can stop the cycle of in-equality and suffering which endangers decent human development. Our organisation is entirely voluntary and has no political affiliation, racial or religious bias.

Our Principles

If we are to remedy the most serious humanitarian questions, we need to have courage, commitment and energy. This is why Vivere takes a long-term approach in its projects and with its partners.


We are fully committed to being completely accountable with regards to any progress or otherwise made in our projects. We manage all of our resources on the tightest of budgets.

We have charitable tax status and as such are subject to the rules and regulations of the Fédération Vaudoise de Coopération.

Our Pledge

Our strength is that we are a voluntary organisation, funded by voluntary contributions and committed to working, quite simply on a small scale. Any new members or volunteers are most welcome.


Newsletter May 2021

Newsletter about : Burundi, Syria, DR of Congo, abolition of the death penalty for minors, Coronavirus: fair access to vaccines for all

Newsletter March 2021

Newsletter about : GA of Vivere, interview on the radio Rouge-FM, Syria, Moldova, Pakistan

Newsletter 15.07.2019

 After eight years of war, we can see the extent of the humanitarian crisis exacerbated by the millions of people uprooted from their homes. Years of violence and destruction have forced Syrians to flee almost every second. The ongoing fighting has left 6.6 million displaced in the country and 5.6 million displaced worldwide, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Newsletter 11.6.2019

 During the last month the Vivere-Syria team provided a nutritional supplement to 62 infants previously followed + a new case of twins supported in May