21 November 2013 Beginning of Euromaïdan

22 February 2014 Overthrow of President Ianoukovytch

28 February 2014 Beginning of the crisis in Crimea

18 March 2014 Incorporation of Crimea to Russia

6 April 2014 Donbass War which is still raging

According to the UN the conflict has already made 10’300 dead. Adding to the general precariousness and unemployment already prevailing before the beginning of the events, this war – which jeopardizes the social economy of the whole country – forces every year thousands of additional people to seek to migrate, exposing themselves to the risks of being abused and exploited by the traffickers’ mafias.  


  • Direct assistance to trafficking victims
  • Fight against impunity by prosecuting recruiters & traffickers in the courts of Ukraine
  • Prevention of trafficking with orphans and vulnerable families.


Partners: Avenir Association in the west of the country (Jytomyr), and Road to Life Association in the east (Kharkiv)




Combined with the results of previous years we achieved the following:

  • 49 trafficking victims received legal assistance during 14 trials held in the Zhytomyr region
  • 140 victims received legal assistance during 31 trials held in the East


In almost all the trials we obtained the conviction of criminals with significant deprivation of liberty sentences.

In 2019, 4 victims of trafficking were repatriated from the country of exploitation.