Since 1999, the Vivere association has been acting thanks to volunteer work along with its members and friends’ financial contribution. Depending on your time and availability, you’ll find below, many ways to help our work. 

Grants, sponsoring, donations.

Ideally: regularly renewable unbenchmarked donations, usable there, when and for whom it is a priority. There are no “small” contributions : each and every franc or euro makes a difference.

CCP Lausanne N° 17 – 709 738 – 6

Banque Cantonale Vaudoise :
– Account N° 995.65.29
– Iban CH82 0076 7000 Z099 5652 9
– Clearing 767
More information:
Depending on your tax system, the donation can be subtracted from your ratable income. This is possible because Vivere is acknowledged as ‘of downright public utility’ by the Vaud Cantonal Tax Administration since April 2005.

    The members are the foundation of the association, both by participating in the annual general meeting where they exercise their right to vote, and by paying the membership fee, the entire amount of which is devoted to work in the field.


    The annual fee is 120 Swiss francs, or 100 euros.
    Payment can be made on:
    - CCP  N° 17–709738–6
    - Banque Cantonale Vaudoise:
    IBAN CH82 0076 7000 Z099 5652 9 - Swift BCVLCH2LXXX

      May each volunteer bring what he / she knows, can and wants to do, along with the required skills matching the tasks needed at that time.

      Volunteer involvement has been the engine of the movement since its start; still, we could do so much better with the support of a few more volunteers

        We are looking for volunteers with experience in one or more of the following areas to strengthen our activities and our Committee:


        - Experience in humanitarian action ;
        - Legal and human rights knowledge;
        - Experience in social communication and fundraising (general public and institutional);
        - Experience in digital communication (WordPress, Facebook, management of online petitions)


        For any information, please contact us using the form below.
        To apply directly (with a cover letter), please contact us by email at :

          Vivere's link with its community is crucial to the movement's sustainability. Organizing conferences, cultural events, sales or other events allow us to inform on our actions et to increase donations. This allows us to be more efficient in the field. 


            When traditional financing is difficult to find, a crowdfunding campaign can allow an important action to start or continue.  The more this kind of initiative is lead by a group of dynamic and well connected individuals, the bigger the chance to reach the desired budgets. In this sector, uniting small contributions can make a difference

              You'll contribute to our mouvement by associating yourself to us during a sporting event. The process is simple:

              -Use social networks to tell your family and friends that you'll be running, pedalling, swimming or walking to contribute with Vivere's actions.

              -Send your acquaintances to this web page so that they can sponsor you during a sporting event.