Kamanyola Iran Abolition

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1 ° DR Congo

Human Rights Watch reports that in 2017: “922,000 people have been displaced in DR Congo, more than anywhere else in the world. Last October, the United Nations declared a “Level 3 emergency” in DR Congo, a category attributed only to three other countries: Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

(Among four countries classified by the UN at the most serious level of emergency, Vivere is at work in two of them: Syria and Congo, editor’s note)

While many factors contribute to the violence, certain trends emerge. Congolese security forces have been responsible for more than 100 violent deaths in the past six months, more than any armed group and about one-fifth of the total number of documented homicides. One of the worst incidents recorded was the massacre of at least 39 Burundian refugees by Congolese security forces in Kamanyola, South Kivu, on 15th September. ”

Reminder: last September one of ours was on the spot and visited survivors among the Burundian refugees in Kamanyola. Thanks to the rapid relay of our team in Switzerland a solidarity collection of CHF 600 could be made in less than three days to meet the most urgent need expressed by the president of this group of refugees, Mr. Dionyse Nyandwi, which was means of communication.

Photo: Dionyse Nyandwi with the modem and laptop provided by Vivere

2 ° Campaign-action for the abolition of the death penalty applied to children

  • Last month the Iranian regime killed three young people who were minors at the time of the alleged crimes:
https://gallery.mailchimp.com/64ee55048acaac9635974248b/images/b50b5a1b-6f98-4db3-aee6-f0ee7b1ab220.jpg https://gallery.mailchimp.com/64ee55048acaac9635974248b/images/960e4774-016c-439a-9133-8c25975983ea.jpg cid:image001.jpg@01D39B8D.DD95EA80
Ali Kazemi

hanged on 30 Jan. 2018 at Central Bushehr Prison

    Mahbubeh Mofidi

executed on 30 Jan. 2018

  Amir Hossein Pourjafar

executed on 4 Jan. 2018 at Rajai Shahr Prison

As much as we tried in 2017 to open a working front in Pakistan to concretely support the defence of some young people on the death row, we hope to do so this year in Iran. Contacts – necessarily discreet – have already started to achieve this.

  • For the second time the International Association of Youth Magistrates opens the columns of its publication to Bernard who, within Vivere, leads our involvement in this fight:


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