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1 ° Date to remember please:

The general annual meeting of our movement will be held on Tuesday 15th May at 7:00 pm, like last year at the International School of Lausanne. The invitation and the agenda will be sent to you soon.

2 ° Syria:

  • Legal defence of women unjustly imprisoned: since last January, three women have been released following the resolute action of our lawyers. Two of them, accused of a simple dispute with the neighbourhood, were acquitted after 2 months of incarceration only. The third, accused of stealing food to feed her hungry children, had to serve 8 months in prison before being released. Total expenditure for these three women: 80’000 Syrian pounds, around CHF 178 CHF (€ 152). We report that the defence of two new cases has started recently.
  • The Syrian Vivere team shares with you the following narration:


When war, emigration, misery … are combined together, the price to pay will be very heavy!

Amina, a 10-month-old baby, was born in Hama.

Her dad works in a small carpentry. Her mom, at home.

This family lived in G. but, because of the war, had to emigrate and was welcomed by the family of the mother, where they live eleven in her home.

Amina is the second child of the family. She came into the world in this context of poverty and stress, and doctors at birth diagnosed an umbilical hernia and a hernia at the diaphragm level. This causes the displacement of part of the digestive tract in the thorax of the small child and of her intestine through the umbilical hernia.

Amina was operated in her 2nd month of age and her condition has improved, but she still has digestive problems that make her diet difficult, besides that the milk of her mother is insufficient and that a supplement in milk is essential for her survival.

A heavy medical history for such a small child who was able to be treated in her country, despite this atrocious war, and a simple but vital gesture represented by the supply of milk that Vivere’s program ensures.


3 ° North Kivu, RD Congo

Led by Georgette Kabong and supported by Vivere since October 2015, the Tulizeni Center in Goma welcomes, hosts, and cares for 89 abandoned and unaccompanied children, as well as 7 young single mothers with their babies. In addition, the team supports around 100 displaced women among single mothers, many of whom have been subjected to extreme violence. These few photos from Tulizeni’s annual report speak for themselves.

Just eating their fill: a luxury! Income-generating activities so that single mothers, so harshly affected, can continue their journey with dignity
                                        Georgette, making the impossible possible for her small people


4 ° Prisons around the world in 7 minutes: the shock

More than ten million prisoners in the world. The fate of the detainee varies considerably from one prison to another, from one country to another. What can we say? Prison Insider, Vivere’s friend association, offers the exercise. State of places, state of men.

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