Newsletter 10.4.2018

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As part of our legal advocacy work for capital detainees who were minors at the time, Mike was able to visit the families of 3 of them. Divided between the anxiety and the hope that the life of their son will be saved, coming from poor social backgrounds, they have no other recourse than that provided by the lawyers working with Vivere.

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Parents of young Ahmad and Hamza (fictive names) at risk of being executed photos © Vivere

Asma Jahangir, a lawyer and Pakistani human rights activist, died on 11th February 2019. That same day Mike began his mission with Pakistani partners of Vivere.  He was able to witness the consternation that this death produced on hundreds of progressive jurists across the country. Asma had, among other things, defended children risking the death penalty. This short document pays tribute to her:

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All her life, Asma has faced death threats and prison sentences without ever giving up her fight for human rights.

Vivere launches a petition to abolish the death penalty for children

We call on the United Nations Human Rights Council for a swift and firm action. If you share the belief that this cruel practice must stop immediately then thank you for signing our petition on -of-the-punishment-of-death-applicable-to-minors. Please do not hesitate to spread this link to people who may be interested because we must gather a maximum of signatures to be heard by the UN.

We are also appealing for donations to strengthen our direct assistance to young people at risk in Pakistan and some other countries:

– on the bank account of Vivere IBAN CH82 0076 7000 Z099 5652 9

– on the CCP 17 – 709 738 – 6

– or on



Human rights defenders Moussa Bilal Biram and Abdellahi Matalla Saleck, members of IRA Mauritania (of which Vivere is a partner), have been detained for over a year in a prison in the Sahara Desert in Bir Moghrein. This prison, which usually hosts death row prisoners, is located in a remote and unsafe region of Mauritania, 1,200 km from the homes of these comrades in Nouakchott. During their detention, Moussa and Abdellahi were allegedly tortured. Their wounds indicate that they were tied in painful positions for several hours in a row. They were convicted for, among others, “inciting riots and violent rebellion against the government,” but no evidence of these crimes was provided at their trial. Moussa and Abdellahi are innocent and should never have been found guilty. They are silenced and punished for their activism against slavery. They must be released immediately.

Amnesty International petition to sign please on

Date to remember (reminder)

The general annual meeting of our movement will be held on Tuesday 15th May at 7:00 pm, like last year at the International School of Lausanne. The invitation and the agenda will be sent to you soon.

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