Newsletter August 2021

Dear Members and Friends,

1° Syria:

Still in a context of extreme scarcity, last month the team on the ground was able to assist 62 infants with supplementary feeding: 15 new babies were added to the 47 previously monitored. One of them is baby Adnan in this photo, which the team presents with this summary: ”Family who fled the fighting in Aleppo, at the other end of the country. The father works as a waiter at a hairdresser’s with a very small salary. The mother is at home and does not work. The question that we ask ourselves, and that we ask ourselves again, now, and more and more, with the high cost of living, and the increasingly hard and difficult life: how do people manage to live, to eat, to dress, to look after themselves, to…, to…? This is the secret of the houses !…. This is the Syrian Miracle?…. ”


2° Campaign-action for the abolition of the death penalty and life imprisonment of minors

July was an active and innovative month for our partners in Pakistan.

– On 30th July in Quetta, Balochistan province, our new partner Sanjog conducted a presentation – a first in this region! – with 46 actors from the judiciary (lawyers, prosecutors, probation officers), many of whom were learning about the precise content of national and international laws prohibiting extreme punishment of minors.

– On 31st July in Faisalabad, Punjab province, the association LAW brought together for the first time a group of media professionals. The aim was to remind them of the law prohibiting the publication of the identity of minors accused, rightly or wrongly, of serious crimes. Disclosing the name or photo of a child accused of blasphemy in a newspaper, for example, can lead to his or her violent elimination by extremist radicals.

Conference in Quetta
Conference in Faisalabad

3° A friendly and generous initiative by two young people close to Vivere

«  Hello everyone, We are two art students at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Due to the current health situation, we found ourselves working a lot at home, from a computer. In January, we gradually felt the need to use this time to support a charity. We then started to draw illustrations that could be used for clothes or derived products, and to set up our project. In total, about thirty hours were spent drawing, modifying and customising different designs. We found a web host, with printing facilities in Germany, that offers to supply the products, print our designs, and send out the orders, all without any cost to us. This is a chance and we consider ourselves lucky, but there is a downside: most of the fabrics are made outside Europe (except for the organic products, which are also available!). However, the site is completely transparent about this, and you can see a detailed list of the provenance of the various products by clicking on this link:

In the near future, we plan to use a local printing company to better control the quality and origin of the fabrics. However, as this will come at a significant cost, we would first like to see how the project is received and if the feedback is positive.

All the profits we receive from the sales, as graphic designers, will be donated to the Vivere association. This corresponds to about 15% of the total price of the article. Today we are happy to offer you six different designs, available on different products, to customise to your taste!

We hope the project will reach as many people as possible, and wish you a very nice day,

Maëlle and Martin ” to access the online shop:

The 6 proposed illustrations, applicable to different products and colors

Thanking you for your attention to this work, and at your disposal for any information you may wish to receive.

With our best consideration,

The Vivere Committee