24 February 2022: Situation in Ukraine!

Dear Members and Friends,

The military aggression against the Ukrainian people is an infamy.

Working in this country since April 2004, Vivere has of course partners, colleagues, and friends, all of them very dear to us. Social workers, lawyers, educators, interpreters, investigators, we benefit from a small network of brave, tireless, and determined actors to protect the victims and vulnerable targeted by crime. In ordinary times these relatives are under constant threat from human trafficking mafias, Russia being one of the main countries of exploitation in this so-called modern slavery. Today, among their own people, these same Ukrainian friends are under an additional threat to their lives from the warlike alienation prevailing in the Kremlin.

Western Ukraine, Zhytomyr region

The team of our partner association Avenir
Young single mums protected against traffickers
Olga (on the right) advising a trafficking vicitim

Eastern Ukraine, Kharkiv region

Gennady, lawyer, at the Tribunal
Trafficking victim entrusting her defence in Gennady
Team ‘Road to life’, our partner

We invite everyone to act quickly, according to their possibilities, to express their solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

The Vivere committee