Rescue in the Kharkov metro (Eastern Ukraine)

Dear Members and Friends,

Our friend and partner G. has decided not to leave the city of Kharkiv, which has been under siege since the very beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, and which is being shelled by the air force, heavy artillery and missiles. Every day, G. works to supply his compatriots who have been forced to abandon their homes and who have been surviving for weeks in the corridors and carriages of the city’s metro. For this action G. had initially exhausted his personal savings but fortunately we found a way to send him about CHF 150 (€ 147.50) every two days.

This short report is limited to the photos that G. has just sent us.

On the surface, the inhabitants of these dwellings had to flee the bombed area.
The immobilised metro cars became places of refuge for thousands of citizens.
Makeshift installation in a metro carriage.
Women and children forced to live underground.
Living in tents in the metro corridor.
Stock of food brought by G. for those huddled underground. Some children wanted to draw this sign which touches us, as we never seek to show any kind of recognition.

We thank you for your attention. We call on everyone to act according to their possibilities to help the Ukrainians, at home or where they are refugees, and to demand a cease-fire.

The Vivere Committee