Newsletter 15.07.2019

 After eight years of war, we can see the extent of the humanitarian crisis exacerbated by the millions of people uprooted from their homes. Years of violence and destruction have forced Syrians to flee almost every second. The ongoing fighting has left 6.6 million displaced in the country and 5.6 million displaced worldwide, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Newsletter 11.6.2019

 During the last month the Vivere-Syria team provided a nutritional supplement to 62 infants previously followed + a new case of twins supported in May

Newsletter 8.4.2019

 -Vivere’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 15h May 2019 at 7:00 pm, as it was last year at Mont sur Lausanne. The agenda will be sent to you soon. Interventions on the action are scheduled for the second part of the session.

Newsletter 3.3.2019

 Every month, the local Vivere-Syria team provides a nutritional supplement to around 60 babies and young children among the most vulnerable families in the west of the country. These friends share the following narration:

Newsletter 9.2.2019

Last September the birth of Marwan’s mother was announced at risk, a caesarean section was needed while this poor family did not have the means to approach a medical facility.

Newsletter 25.12.2018

Dear Members and Friends,

This newsletter aims first of all to thank each and every one of you for your attention throughout the year, and for your support, which have allowed the movement to develop its work in the service of people facing the most serious oppression.

Tulizeni, abolition…

Last August Georgette Tshibang Kabong, founder of Tulizeni, was with us for a few days. The film of her interview will be soon available to you. Among the many protection and support activities for vulnerable children and women, we can mention two designed in tripartite partnership:

Traffic, Congo, Iran…

October 18 marks the nineteen years of the creation and work of Vivere. Some of you have followed and concretely supported the movement since its very beginning, we wish to express to you our deepest gratitude.


North and South Kivu, East of RDCongo, have been a working area of Vivere since 2004.
The most serious sources estimate that more than six million people have lost their lives as a result of direct or indirect armed conflicts that are tearing these provinces apart.

ACMEJ, Tulizeni, Syria, Abolition

1 ° South and North Kivu, R.D.Congo

– Urgent relief: on 24th July armed men related to Mai-Mai fighters, in collusion with Burundians armed from Kiryama, raided the village of Kitembo in search of Peter Byagolo, activist of our local partner the association ACMEJ.