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Georgette Tshibang, head of the Tulizeni Welcome Center, our partner in North Kivu (DRC), has just confirmed her next visit to Lausanne. We invite you to listen to her testimony and to speak with her Wednesday 8th August at 6 pm, at Mike’s home address below. All those who can are welcome, just warn us by a word of your presence so that we can provide sufficient snacks.

Newsletter 23.6.2017 (en)

There are more than 18 million rich people in the world and 175’000 “ultra-rich”, whose fortune exceeds 30 million dollars.

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On the 16th May , one of our partner organisations in the Persian Gulf asked us to evacuate Miriam, a victim of trafficking who had just escaped her captors, exhausted, her face battered and bruised.

Newsletter 10.4.2018



As part of our legal advocacy work for capital detainees who were minors at the time, Mike was able to visit the families of 3 of them. Divided between the anxiety and the hope that the life of their son will be saved, coming from poor social backgrounds, they have no other recourse than that provided by the lawyers working with Vivere.

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Legal defence of women unjustly imprisoned: since last January, three women have been released following the resolute action of our lawyers. Two of them, accused of a simple dispute with the neighbourhood, were acquitted after 2 months of incarceration only. The third, accused of stealing food to feed her hungry children, had to serve 8 months in prison before being released.

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Human Rights Watch reports that in 2017: “922,000 people have been displaced in DR Congo, more than anywhere else in the world. Last October, the United Nations declared a “Level 3 emergency” in DR Congo, a category attributed only to three other countries: Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

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Dear Members and friends,

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Supported by Vivere since October 2015 the Tulizeni Center in Goma wehosts, hosts and cares for 89 abandoned or unaccompanied children, providing schooling for those who are of school-age.

1°        Nord et Sud Kivu, RdCongo


·       Soutenu par Vivere depuis octobre 2015 le centre Tulizeni à Goma accueille, héberge, et soigne 89 enfants abandonnées ou non-accompagnés, assurant l’écolage pour ceux qui sont scolarisables.