Despite the real evolution undergone in this country, some repressive customs still retain all their aggressiveness, including social condemnation and banishment of young single mothers who can, in desperation, resort to infanticide or the abandonment of their new-born.


Following Vivere‘s involvement, the Hayati association was born 18 years ago in Agadir (in Arabic: “my life”), thanks to the voluntary commitment of responsible persons on-site whose main goal is to provide support to single mothers in great difficulty and their young children, as well as assistance to abandoned babies and the prevention of future abandonments.


Prostitution is still a means of survival for some single mothers, and new children may be the result of these relationships. Many children who will not be legally recognized. Among the mothers who are or have been married there are also intolerable sufferings: domestic violence resulting in abandonment, flight, and in any case the disempowerment of fathers.


Assistance to single mothers in very great difficulty and their children.


Local partner: Hayati




. 81 children are permanently hosted on the two sites of Agadir and Aït Melloul. Their mothers receive assistance adapted to their social needs.

. Thanks to the efforts of its local members, Hayati’s fundraising efforts are on an upward trend, and the association is thus able to finance itself up to 96%, which all the more eases the financial contribution of our movement. During this year, local volunteering continued to grow significantly, enriching both the activities offered to children and Hayati’s ability to communicate and to collect money and in kind. The team thus strengthened has been able to find and open at Aït Melloul new spacious premises in order to accommodate more children and to get closer to the factories where a majority of the mothers’ work.