Despite the real evolution undergone in this country, some repressive customs still retain all their aggressiveness, including social condemnation and banishment of young single mothers who can, in desperation, resort to infanticide or the abandonment of their new-born.

Following Vivere‘s involvement 19 years ago, the Hayati association (in Arabic: “my life”) was born in Agadir, thanks to the voluntary commitment of responsible people on the spot, whose main goal is to support single mothers in great difficulty and their young children, as well as to assist abandoned babies and prevent future abandonment.

Prostitution is still a means of survival for some single mothers, and new children may be the result of these relationships. Many children who will not be legally recognized. Among the mothers who are or have been married there are also intolerable sufferings: domestic violence resulting in abandonment, flight, and in any case the disempowerment of fathers.

Situation at the end of 2019: To our great regret, at the end of eighteen years of an intense and fulfilling activity which has assured more than half a thousand children a safeguard which would have been improbable without this action, the Hayati association has decided to dissolve itself. 

The transfer of activities to other local structures was successfully completed. The new local operators have not yet responded to Vivere’s proposal to establish collaborative links. They are aware of our availability, and our willingness, to continue protecting the children of desperate single mothers. If a Moroccan association, involved in activities similar to those described in this page, wishes to exchange with Vivere on a potential partnership in order to strengthen such activities, it is welcome to write to us at 

Objectives 2019

Assistance to single mothers in great difficulty and their children:

  • To provide immediate relief to mothers in great difficulty, to offer an alternative to the possible drift towards delinquency or prostitution;
  • To avoid, thanks to a real care for children, the risks of precarious child health, ill-treatment, abandonment, and even in extreme cases of infanticide;
  • Finally, through the success of the first two objectives, to contribute to making these people future responsible citizens in society.


Partner: Hayati (until end of 2019)



Achievements 2019

  • Children registered in eighteen years of activity (2001 to 2019): 591 carried by 459 mothers.
  • The children declared to the civil registry thanks to Hayati’s action: 131
  • Mothers helped extra-muros: 198 in total.
  • Mothers or children supported with special extra-muros help :
    in 2016: 15 individual grants
    in 2017: 17 individual grants